Sunday, February 14, 2010

Oil Trough Arkansas and Rockhard Powder coating

Joann and I set off this past Saturday morning to drop the frame and assorted parts for sandblasting and powder coating. Barry found this place in Oil Trough Arkansas (population 218)... about a 2 hour drive from Memphis. Well worth the drive for excellent work resonably priced. Tadpole.... the owner really helped out by being open on a rare Saturday. The frame needed some welding done and Tadpole's High School buddy is a welder just down the street that fabricates some of the finest dirt track frames in the area. So new Battery Boxes and a few things the previous owner had welded in place that could have been a roll bar will be taken care of. He will also be fitting the front frame extension by squaring up the front end of the frame.
Tadpole even offered to let us drop the trailer at his shop. Thanks to everyone at Rockhard Powder Coating for your friendly first class service!

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  1. Looking good. What kind of costs are you running into, or is that not spoken about?